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  Bio Diesel Production  

Bio Diesel is a renewable energy source derived from Vegetable oil or Fat. FenixTM provides technology and plant for producing the best grade bio diesel from the above feed stocks.

Experience in design, manufacture and supply of complete processing system.
Has the process engineering and project handling capability.

Has the in house ASPEN process simulation package for designing the distillation sections coupled with plant engineering using AUTOCACAD.

Has exported plants and systems out of India.

Has own manufacturing facility for core components like structured packing, heat exchangers, reactors, mixers and distillation columns.

  Our range of processes include:  
  Feed Stock Pretreatment  

Vegetable oil or animal feed stock has to meet certain minimum quality criteria to be converted to Bio Diesel through catalytic conversion. The main impurities are Free Fatty acids, Phosphorous compounds and Moisture.

FenixTM with its intensive expertise in processing of vegetable oils can provide technology and process for pretreatment of varying stock to produce feed suitable for bio diesel base

  Trans Esterification  

FenixTM Bio Diesel process uses trans esterification process to convert triglycerides in vegetable oil and fat into methyl ester almost fully, using methanol and alkali. The excess methanol is recovered and glycerin water separated from methyl ester ( Bio diesel) . Bio diesel is then dried and filtered before storage.

  Methanol Recovery  

The excess methanol used in the trans esterification is recovered from the aqueous glycerine phase through distillation and recycled.

  Glycerin Purification  

The glycerin water methanol mixture, after recovery of methanol, can be further distilled to produce industrial grade glycerin. Small amount of fatty matter is recovered from the glycerin water through neutralization, settling and skimming.

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